Age Appropriate Perfumes For Everybody

We all know that perfumes should adapt to the season, but it is still a secret why you choose that strong fragrance as a teenager. Not anymore! One world famous cosmetics company, in cooperation with psychologist Dr. Rachel Herz discovered the generation influenced secret to cologne preference.

Every woman knows how it is occasionally difficult to choose the perfect perfume for the day or the occasion. You can visit to get some stylish perfumes. Rachel Herz, exposed how our everyday olfactory selections are directly related to perception, emotions, memory and thought. Dr. Herz studied women of different ages and found that different age groups are influenced by quite different reasons when it comes to perfume selection.

Teenagers are the most influenced by their peers and their group identity. That is why they often opt for celebrity fragrances like the one signed by One Direction or Beyonce which, in addition to their attractive name are a popular choice because of their affordable price. Women in their twenties are most prone to “fall under the influence” of the ads in magazines and on television. With carefully selected stars they can relate to, such as Blake Lively or Kristen Stewart, stardom copycatting is the impetus for buying the fragrance because it is actually a purchase of a certain lifestyle and image.

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