Why Not Just Any Church Chair Is a Worship Chair?

That question was asked of me recently by a pastor we were working with. He had contacted us regarding the worship seating needs of his church, he was operating with a very tight budget, and he wanted a church chair that featured a high degree of quality.

As we conversed, I suggested one chair solution that we have placed in several churches that perform very well, possesses great quality and is easy on the budget.

A church chair is a chair that provides those in attendance at a worship service the ability to focus on the service itself versus continually dealing with discomfort because of the chairs they are sitting on.

The reality is that when people attend a church service they want to be able to see what is going on, hear what is going on, and be able to choose to participate in what is taking place. You can check https://www.soundofheaven.church/ online to get more information about the church worship.

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A church chair is secondly a chair that is in compliance with any and all legal requirements that are in force in the particular jurisdiction where your church is located.

We find that many churches are unaware that when a room reaches a specific number of people occupying it rules can go into effect for your seating. For example, in some areas, your chairs may be required to be "affixed" the floor.

A church chair is then finally a chair that works for your church in the worship space it is placed in.

For example, there are churches that because of a limited amount of square footage in their worship area desire to squeeze as many chairs as possible into that area.

It may be that a worship chair a bit narrower than the standard 20" wide chair is the one that works for them. 

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