The best you can give back to the society- Eco-friendly gifts

The environment is the greatest concern in today’s world. Campaigns and programs are being launched to raise general public awareness regarding the environmental pollution. There are campaigns being given out to use eco-friendly products or carbon neutral products at home, school or office. So when you have the idea of gifting promotional products in your business, why not opt for eco-friendly gifts?

Courtesy-Bagwell Promotions

What essentially do you mean by carbon neutral products?

A product manufacturing company uses fuel in one or the other form. This releases carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Then, how do the companies reduce their carbon foot print? For this, the organization has to first measure the carbon footprint of its manufactured products.

How do the organizations reduce the carbon foot print to zero?

1. Work to reduce emissions: The organizations need to use renewable energy to produce fuel. Certain standards and quality control checks need to be undertaken to reduce the carbon footprint.

2. Purchase carbon offsets: The above measure doesn’t give the organization a zero carbon footprint. The company can purchase carbon offsets carrying the government certifications. When the company purchases a carbon offset they fund green projects like renewable wind energy, plantation programs, bio fuel etc.

Thus by the above methods, the manufactured products of the company certify as carbon neutral products.

Always purchase eco-friendly promotional products in Perth, WA. This is a great way of giving back to the society and being a part of the Save Earth campaign.

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