Flute and its French Connection


Music releases your stress and induces positive emotions. It entices your mind into relaxing. It has a profound effect on the human mind, and consequently, on the thoughts. It can pull out a person from deep depression or push one into it. It makes one feel alive. The melodious tunes have the ability to create a whole new world of their own which allows one to lose oneself and offers freedom, albeit transient, from the toils of the daily rut.

A few best French compositions

There is a range of amazing French compositions for the instrument. France has given the world some of the finest flute players like Jean-Pierre Rampal, Paul Taffanel and Claude Debussy, to name a few.

France always displayed a keen interest in wind instruments, and especially for the flute. It is one of the most ancient musical instruments and probably the first wind instrument ever. Flute has undergone several innovative changes since its inception. French flute music, since then has been a part of the musical culture all over the world.

The history says it all

French flute music has historical roots showing an inseparable and an ancient association between France and the flute. The dulcet tunes of the flute connect to the soul and make the audience flow into its trance. Flute resurrects romance and redefines it in a way nothing else can. Its serenity and tranquility touches the soul.

For a country that touts its capital as the symbol of love, no other instrument could have provided a better symbolic representation of the same. 

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