Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Charging Platform Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Accessory Charging Platform ReivewOf all the Anki OVERDRIVE accessories, some enhance the experience, whilst others add useful functionality, as I’ve come to find out. This charging platform falls into the latter, allowing users to charge their vehicles when not in use.


  • Allows users to charge up to 4 vehicles at once, which is the maximum number of vehicles that can be used with one kit. Meaning you can charge your cars whilst you have a break from playing and come back later to carry on.
  • Works with all of the vehicles in the Anki OVERDRIVE range and is able to charge them at a decent speed.
  • If you own spare vehicles, you can charge some whilst playing with the others, meaning you’re always ready to carry on racing.


  1. No need to interrupt racing to charge your vehicles, you can now charge a couple of vehicles whilst racing with others.
  2. The platform provides an easy way to clip on your vehicles and charge, with no mess or wires. Even kids will be able to plug in their vehicles without the need to touch any of the power sockets on the wall.
  3. The general aesthetic of the charging platform fits with the aesthetic of the rest of the Anki OVERDRIVE range incredibly well.


  1. Not absolutely necessary to charge your Anki OVERDRIVE vehicles and is a bit more a luxury item, you can live without it.
  2. The accessory doesn’t plug into the track. It would be nice if the accessory had been incorporated as the start pad for the track or something. It would have fit in better with the aesthetic as a pit-stop or other track element.
  3. Doesn’t include a battery of any kind. It would have been nice if the dock could have acted as a spare battery pack for playing on the go.

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