Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Elevation Kit Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Accessory Elevation Kit ReviewHaving exhausted many of the possible track combinations with my Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit, I found the various Anki OVERDRIVE accessories to be a fantastic way of expanding the Anki experience.


  • Includes a number of stilts to elevate a segment of the track. Creating the possibility to make an overpass on the track.
  • Provides a fantastic way to gain an overview of the battlefield and survey the surroundings, gaining a major advantage.



  1. Works in conjunction with any of the track pieces in the Anki OVERDRIVE range and allows you to make a track combination that you’ve already exhausted, more exciting again.
  2. Adds the ability to perform tricks and jumps off of the elevated area, perfect if you’re looking for some single player fun away from the battlefield.
  3. The black design of the stilts perfectly fits the aesthetic of the rest of the Anki race track and looks good too.


  1. Only includes the stilts for elevation and no actual track pieces, meaning you’ll need to buy them separately, which can be a little costly.
  2. The stilts do have the ability to fall down during gameplay and ruin a race or battle, not being the strongest of material.

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