Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Rails Kit Review

Accessory Rails Kit ReivewOne of the best parts about Anki OVERDRIVE is how it can be enjoyed by both adults and children. However, the latter may find it a little difficult and that’s where Anki OVERDRIVE accessories come in handy, especially this rails kit.


  1. Fits onto the side of Anki OVERDRIVE track pieces to create a rail like structure, essentially adding walls to your track.
  2. Hitting the rails will cause the vehicle to bounce off the walls and sling straight back into the race. An incredibly useful feature for kids and less experienced players.



  1. The kit includes 10 pieces, offering fantastic value for money, meaning you’ll be able to use one pack to cover a large proportion of the track.
  2. Children and less experienced players now won’t be sliding off the track at every corner, with the kit providing a fantastic way to bounce back onto the track.


  1. Each piece of railing will require the corresponding track piece, leading to some incompatibility issues if you don’t own all the track pieces.
  2. The pieces are a little bland in design, some decoration could have been added to make them a little more interesting and pleasing to look at.

Anki OVERDRIVE Accessory Rails Kit

Price: $21.26

4.5 out of 5 stars (672 customer reviews)

4 used & new available from $18.45

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