Anki OVERDRIVE Car:Big Bang Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Big Bang ReviewEach of the expansion units in the Anki OVERDRIVE series focus on a special unique theme and Big Bang’s is probably the most practical. As you can see from just looking at it, this is a car that focuses on defence and one that I had a lot of fun playing with.

This nifty car looks and feels like a tank. It really impressed friends when I pulled the unit out and it’s a particular favourite of my son’s.


Big Bang is a racing car like any of the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion cars, however, it has a particular emphasis on defence. The vehicle maxes out Anki’s own scale when it comes to defence and that’s no surprise given its tank like structure.

For players wanting to move slowly but cover their back at all times, I couldn’t recommend the Big Bank expansion car any more. It’s a much more strategical vehicle option and one that could really pay off in the long term.

Couple with the vehicle’s tank like structure are a number of different features, perfect for bolstering defences. The Power Stomp provides the perfect facility to deal some serious damage to other players and one that I found many other players becoming particularly irritated by. Equally as strong is the BF-27, a strong gun for dealing with intruders from behind.

What’s more, the Anki OVERDRIVE Big Bang even includes functionality for “frag mines” that can detonate in only one second and deal some serious damage.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Big Bang

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Big Bang

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  1. The most defensive of the OVERDRIVE expansion series, making it almost untouchable from incoming attacks. You can tell by the fact that this vehicle just looks like it would push others out of the path.
  2. Also packs some serious punch in terms of attacking, with each of the exclusive weapons introducing a powerful and fresh attack.
  3. The bold and brash design of this piece is really nice. It certainly looks and feels durable, perfect for when playing with kids.

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  1. This particular vehicle is slow, and noticeably a lot slower compared to other expansions in the series. At times, it can feel like its speed isn’t in proportion to the level of defence that the vehicle provides.
  2. Whilst incredibly powerful, Big Bang’s special powers are a little unimaginative, unlike some of the other powers on vehicles. They basically deal a lot of damage and there’s not a lot more to them than that.


In conclusion, the Anki OVERDRIVE Big Bang expansion car is a bit of an oddball in this range of fantastic expansion cars. It’s an awful lot slower than the other cars offered by Anki, but it does pack some serious punch in terms of damage and defence.

That being said, it works just as perfectly as the other cars in the series, connecting seamlessly and working great with the track and app respectively.

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