Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Guardian Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy GuardianHaving owned the Anki starter kit for a little while now, I decided to pick up an expansion car to expand my little collection of Anki Drive pieces. I’m certainly glad I did. The Anki Guardian Expansion car adds even higher octane gameplay to a fantastic game.

What’s more, an additional car means we can now have three players playing with the Anki Drive, which is fantastic.


This Anki OVERDRIVE expansion car works hand in hand with the Anki Drive starter kit that I purchased recently. These expansion cars work a lot like the cars that came bundled with the starter kit, allowing you to easily connect your device and get playing in one of the game’s two main gameplay modes.

However, the OVERDRIVE expansion car offers a number of special features that you won’t find with the standard cars, sure to help you in defeating your opponents.

Firstly, the sonic beam throws a high frequency beam out of the vehicle to blast your opponents off the track, whilst the sonic blast can be used to defeat all of the enemies nearby on the track. The Guardian expansion car is also able to deploy scramble mines that will blow up in your opponent’s faces, right on the track.

Take the Guardian expansion car onto the track and your opponents will think it’s just an average vehicle. However, hit them with any one of the Guardian’s special features and they’ll soon realise that it’s anything but.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Guardian Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Guardian

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  1. This expansion car is compatible with the Anki Drive app straight out of the box, with no additional set-up required. It couldn’t be easier to just get playing.
  2. Offers a number of special hidden features that are sure to surprise your opponents and provide a big advantage out on track.
  3. The Anki Starter Pack is compatible with up to 4 vehicles at one time, meaning you can add this to your existing vehicles and play with up to 4 players.
  4. The Guardian car is beautifully made and looks absolutely fantastic, even more so than the standard vehicles in the range.

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  1. Gives the user playing with the Guardian car a bit of unfair of advantage, which could be a pro or con depending on if that’s you or not.
  2. Some of the battlefields can get a little crowded with more than two cars racing on them at one time.
  3. Could be pretty expensive if you’re planning on purchasing several of these expansion cars.


In conclusion, the Anki OVERDRIVE Guardian Expansion car only adds to the fun gameplay of the Anki Drive series. That being said, the power of this particular car is a little unfair to other players playing with standard vehicles.

If you’re looking to impress your friends during your next session playing with the Anki Drive, this is almost certain to do the job, that’s for sure.

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