Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Nuke Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Nuke ReivewIf bright colours are your thing, then the Nuke is sure to be the most attractive of the Anki OVERDRIVE Nuke expansion cars. This bright green neon car is probably the best all-rounder of the OVERDRIVE range, from my experience with the car.

It provides both decent speed and defence, and is the best car in my opinion to be prepared to take on any enemy on the track.


As aforementioned, Nuke is pretty much the best all round car in the OVERDRIVE expansion range and that’s reflected through its features. I felt that the Nuke gave a good advantage on every front and was able to deal with each of the other vehicles pretty well.

Despite its rounded feature set, Nuke does place something of an emphasis on the fire power functionality, well neon fire power that is.

The exclusive weapons included with this vehicle certainly reflect that. The decimator is my personal favourite of the weapons here, dropping nifty little slugs that drip into your opponent’s armour. Furthermore, the disintegrator does pretty much what it says on the tin and packs a pretty powerful punch.

In terms of bombs, this vehicle comes packed with fuel bombs. They detonate on the track when a vehicle approaches and certainly appear to be the strongest of the bomb weapons.

Other than that, this Anki OVERDRIVE expansion works in a similar way to many of the others in the series. It’s fully customisable from your mobile device, which is coincidently the device you’ll use to control the device. What’s more, it can be used with up to three other vehicles at the same time for multiplayer chaos.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Nuke Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Nuke

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  1. The bright green styling of this product is sure to appeal to kids and many adults alike. It looks great and certainly stands out in comparison to other vehicles in the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion series.
  2. Whilst some of the other vehicles in the series are one-sided, this is the most all-round vehicle and offers a little bit of everything. It doesn’t choose speed over defence or defence over speed and that really seems to pay off.
  3. Again works fantastically in conjunction with accessories in the rest of the series and provides a great insight as to where the series is heading.

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  1. The bright green colouring and design of this unit may not appeal to older and more mature players, despite the fact that I loved it.
  2. Require a track kit to be of any use or fun. Meaning that you can’t play without already having the appropriate kit.


In conclusion, as I’ve mentioned throughout the review, the Nuke expansion toy is definitely the most all round experience of the series. It offers a little bit of everything and offers a great place to start if you’re new to the world of Anki.

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