Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Thermo Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Thermo ReviewOf all the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion cars that I’ve had chance to play with, Thermo is certainly the fieriest and that can only be a good thing. This little red beast is one of the best looking additions to the OVERDRIVE series and my personal favourite.

It adds a whole new level of gameplay to the Anki Drive starter pack that I recently picked up and really spices up our experience of the game.


The Anki OVERDRIVE Thermo car works much like any of the other cars in the Drive expansion series. It connects to either your Android or iOS device and allows you to use that device to race against your buddies in the real world.

However, don’t expect an average racing experience in a vehicle named the “Thermo”. This is a beast built for speed and if you enjoy fast racing, this is the option for you.

Thermo is all about the fire and comes with a number of fire themed additions. The first of which is the flamethrower, which is sure to come in handy in the game’s battle mode. It fires off short bursts of flames that can be used to blast your opponents off the track. Likewise, the afterburner uses flames to gain an incredible speed boost when you need it the most. The radiant beam also promises to dish out some serious damage to opponents.

Any of these additional abilities can easily be activated from your very own control panel on your Android or iOS device. Making the app an absolute must-download if you’re looking to play with this car.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Thermo Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Toy Thermo

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  1. Definitely the best looking of the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion cars. Its beautiful flame red design fits in with the whole fiery aesthetic of the car and really works considering how fast this beast is.
  2. The fastest of the cars in the series, it’s arguably one of the most fun to play with. Racing with the Thermo expansion car feels like it should be.
  3. It also works perfectly with the Anki cars that I already own and connects up to the app as they did. There’s no extra messing around to use this or any of the other OVERDRIVE expansion cars.

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  1. Much like with some of the other expansion sets for Anki, this car can give the player a bit of an unfair advantage. However, playing with other OVERDRIVE cars, the advantages do cancel each other and make for a pretty exciting battle.
  2. The options for customising this car within the app are a little limited, and more abilities could have been added for better customisation.


In conclusion, Thermo is the fieriest and arguably best looking of the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion car collection. Whilst playing fantastically within the game, this is a piece that would look absolutely fantastic just sat on display on your shelf.

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