Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Collision Kit Review

Expansion Track Collision Kit ReviewThe Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track set is full of different twists and turns to shake up your Anki OVERDRIVE track, however, the most interesting of those is without a doubt the collision kit. This cross section piece adds a whole new flavour to the Anki OVERDRIVE and provides a whole host of new possibilities for your kit.

I picked up this track piece for use with my existing Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit and it definitely adds a whole new element of gameplay to the game.


The collision track is a single piece of OVERDRIVE track that fits into your starter kit track, just like any of the other pieces in the series. It adds an intersection to your track design, meaning players can cross the race track or battle field. That also makes way for some serious collisions, as players fly through the intersection at high speeds.

Anki advertise this piece as a “deadly collision” and it truly is. There’s a whole host of options as to where this can be placed within the track and it can amount to a serious collision wherever you place it.

What’s more, coupling this with a pair of speed boosting tracks and you can make that high speed collision an awful lot bigger.

Aside from that, this piece of track works like any other piece in the series. It does of course require the Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit to use, and fits into just about anywhere in the track. As with any product in the Anki series, you’re going to need an Android or iOS device to control the vehicle, so don’t pick up this track piece expecting to play with it alone.


The pros of the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track collision kit are as follows:

  1. This deadly intersection adds some serious excitement to Anki OVERDRIVE gameplay and works especially well in battle mode. As aforementioned, when coupled with the speed tracks, the collision can become ten times more deadly.
  2. The collision kit is a pretty substantial piece of track, it’s pretty large in size and features four different points of entry. It’s definitely the biggest and most substantial of the track pieces in the range.
  3. Works hand in hand with any of the other track pieces in the OVERDRIVE series, leading to pretty much infinite track possibilities.


The cons of the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track collision kit are as follows:

  1. Coming in at just under $50, this track kit is pretty expensive considering it only includes one track piece. It does make gameplay incredibly fun, but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth that sort of money or not.
  2. This is definitely a piece for the more experienced Anki drivers, as high speed collisions can be difficult to work with, especially for new players.

In conclusion, the collision piece of track is definitely the most interesting in the series, however, it’s also one of the most expensive. It certainly leads to an incredibly fun experience, but also a difficult one at that.

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