Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Corner Kit Review

Expansion Track Corner Kit Review

Anki OverDrive Expansion Track Corner Kit

Having loved the Anki OVERDRIVE standard tracks, these Anki OVERDRIVE expansion pack pieces offered a fantastic way of creating a unique and custom racing experience.


  • Works with all vehicles and other pieces from the Anki OVERDRIVE selection.
    Adds rounded corners to tracks, making racing a more exciting and interesting experience when using Anki OVERDRIVE.
  • Includes track pieces, offering the potential for two corner turns or two complete turns in the track.
  • The pieces work hand in hand with other track pieces in the Anki OVERDRIVE range.


  1. Adds a bit more excitement to tracks than just standard racing in a straight line, I found myself enjoying the tracks a lot more with these pieces in it.
  2. The twists and turns are fantastic for training to be a better Anki Driver and I found myself quickly getting better as I raced with them.
  3. Really good looking orange design that fits the whole Anki aesthetic and generally works well with the speedy feel of the game.


  1. This kit only includes two pieces, meaning that you’re going to need a few more corner piece packs for more complicated tracks.
  2. The track pieces offer nothing extra in terms of speed or other additions.

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