Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Launch Kit Review

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Track Launch Kit ReviewHaving exhausted the standard track designs that came included with the Anki OVERDRIVE kit, this Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track looked like a fantastic way to expand the gameplay and replay ability of the Anki OVERDRIVE. It definitely does that job.


  1. Ramp based track piece, offering the ability to jump across the battle field or race track, depending on your configuration.
  2. Leaping through the air offers the ability to take out an opponent on the other side of the track.
  3. Offers the perfect platform for making and practicing new tricks. You can then show these tricks off when playing with others.


  1. Offers a completely unique experience, very different to anything else in the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track range. It certainly kept me entertained longer than any of the other pieces in the kit, as I learned different tricks and moves.
  2. Can be connected to other pieces in the OVERDRIVE expansion pack series, meaning you can place a jump ramp at any point around the track.
  3. This piece of track kit is fantastic for solo play, meaning you can practice tricks, even when not playing with anyone else.
  4. Works best with the battle mode. Whilst it does add an interesting twist to races, it’s fantastic to combat other players from the other side of the track using the kit.


  1. Slightly more difficult to set-up and use than other track pieces in the extension track section. That being said, it’s incredibly rewarding to learn the tricks and to show off those tricks to your friends during battles.
  2. The set is a little expensive for what it includes, only two ramps, which are both required for one jump section.
  3. Can be a little bit more of a hindrance when racing against other players in the game’s racing mode.

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