Anki Drive Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Review 2016

Anki Drive Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing GameI’ve always seen myself as a bit of a big kid, I absolutely love any racing toys. With that in mind, I picked up this Anki Starter Kit, it looked like a fantastic piece of kit for my son and I to enjoy during our spare time. It certainly didn’t disappoint!

This is a fantastically entertaining product and one I didn’t see myself having so much fun with. We’ve now spent so many hours with our Anki kit, it’s difficult to imagine a weekend without it.


The Anki Drive is a robot car battling game, much like something you might have enjoyed as a kid. However, there’s one big difference – you use your phone or other smart device to control the cars, bringing technology into the game.

Anki Drive Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing GameIf you’re looking to get started in the world of Anki Drive, then I’d absolutely recommend this starter kit as the place to start. This kit includes two car models, the Boson and Kourai, they’re both nice little cars for starting out with and do the job well. Also included is the 8.5’ x 3.5’ track that you can roll out onto any surface and get racing. What’s more, the track rolls up for easy storage when you’re not using it.

Said starter kit also includes a free download for the Android or iOS version of their app, which you and a friend can use to control your cars. Speaking of cars, you can purchase extras separately and have up to four friends racing at one time.

Gameplay – Gameplay is pretty simple and it split into two parts, Battle Mode and Race Mode. The former of these is all about taking out your opponents, whilst the latter is all about making it across the finish line first. Both modes offer incredibly high octane gameplay, to which you’ll losedozens of hours.

Expansion – Anki Drive isn’t just limited to the pieces that come in the starter kit. You can also pick up extra cars, sold separately. We also picked up a Spektrix alongside the starter kit, which was incredibly fun to play with. What’s more, additional tracks are also available, introducing more twists and turns.

The App – One of the main features of Anki is that it’s controlled entirely with an app. This app is available for free on both Android and iOS. The app works great for controlling the cars, but it also offers functionality to customise your vehicle. The app also brings the game to life through a series of characters, making it more and more like a video game that you’d find on a console.

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  1. Offers incredibly fun and easy to setup gameplay straight out of the box. Anki can truly be played by children and adults alike, as we found out!
  2. The starter pack comes with two cars out of the box, meaning you can get started racing without the need to buy any additional pieces.
  3. Anki’s app is available on both Android and iOS, meaning that it can be played with any device running these popular operating systems.
  4. The included race track is pretty large and offers a good way to get racing, with there being little need to pick up an additional track.
  5. The included application has really fun functionality for customising your car’s stats and what it can do. It’s really fun to customise the car.
  6. Fantastic singleplayer modes with awesome AI characters called “the commanders”. Meaning you can play even without a friend around to play with you.

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  1. Whilst the app is available on Android and iOS, it unfortunately isn’t available on other devices. We’ve had a number of friends with Windows Phone devices wanting to join in, however, the app was nowhere to be found in the Windows Phone store.
  2. Furthermore, the app is limited to only newer iOS and Android devices. I can understand this, but it was disappointing that we couldn’t use the iPad 2 with it.
  3. We did pick up an additional car for use with the Anki, however, considering how expensive they are, I can’t see us picking up more cars or completing the set. They’re incredibly well made, but expensive to collect.


Anki Drive is a fantastic version of the classic slot cars toy. It offers really fun local gameplay with friends or family and the kit itself is incredibly well made. If you like the look of what Anki offers, this starter kit is a great place to start. That being said, it is let down by the fact that the app isn’t compatible with platforms other than Android or iOS and doesn’t even work with some iOS devices.

At this price though, give the Anki Drive a punt and you’re sure to have fun!

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