Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit Review 2016

Anki OverDrive Starter Kit Review

Having picked up the original Anki DRIVE kit when it launched, I decided to give the new OVERDRIVE version a go and pick up this starter kit. After spending a considerable amount of time with the kit, it really expands on the fun gameplay of the original kit.

My review is a summary of the features of the Anki OVERDRIVE, the pros, cons and also a comparison with the original Anki DRIVE starter kit.


The Anki OVERDRIVE is a sequel to the original Anki DRIVE and this starter kit does a similar job to the one of the original series. However, it has now been updated with the new technology and capabilities of Anki OVERDRIVE.

Anki DRIVE starter kit : Skull and Ground ShockIn brief, the basic premise here is that you use an Android or iOS device to control the Anki OVERDRIVE vehicles and battle them out on the track. It’s a lot like the slot cars experience you were used to as a child, but now only evolved to use modern technology, including your smartphone. An incredibly clever idea, I should add.

OVERDRIVE includes all new, faster and stronger vehicles, plus exciting new track pieces. Anki DRIVE is now bigger and better with the release of Anki OVERDRIVE.

Gameplay – The gameplay here is very similar to the original release of Anki DRIVE. It sees users using their mobile device to control a vehicle across either race or battle modes. It’s incredibly fun and works can be played amongst up to four players.

Vehicles – Included in the Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit is two vehicles, Ground Shock and Skull. The first of which focuses on electricity and charge attacks. On the other hand, Skull focuses on its pirate core and describes itself as a “dirty warrior”. Both vehicles now look bigger and more impressive than the vehicles included in their predecessor.

Tracks – The starter kit here includes 10 track pieces, which allow you to build and put together 8 battlefields, plus the possibility to add more track pieces and design your own. A lot of these out of the box battlefields are pretty basic loops and quad structures. That being said, Loopback and Overpass offer something a bit different and exciting. Expansion track pieces will add to the experience, but there’s less need for them.

App – Anki OVERDRIVE once again focuses round an application to control the vehicles. This app is similar to the one included with Anki DRIVE and is still only available for Android and iOS, completely ignoring smaller platforms.

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  1. The kit now includes plenty of equipment out of the box. There’s a possibility for up to 8 (some complex) battlefields, meaning it’s not necessary to spend extra cash of expansion pieces, not that you shouldn’t.
  2. The vehicles included in this kit look great and that goes for all of the vehicles in the Anki OVERDRIVE range also. They’ve also got pretty inventive powers and everyone will soon find their favourite to race with.
  3. The app included is great, it includes awesome functionality for customising your vehicle and generally does a lot more than just controlling your vehicle.

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  1. Whilst the app works great on Android and iOS, it isn’t available on any other platforms. My wife wasn’t able to play it on Windows Phone, which meant she couldn’t jump in on the fun.
  2. Only 2 vehicles are included with the starter pack, meaning that you’ll need to pick up additional vehicles for additional players.


Comparing Anki OVERDRIVE start kit to the Anki DRIVE kit:

  • The vehicles and track designs are now ten times more exciting and the experience just feels more exciting to play in general. There’s now more track designs included, meaning there’s more to do out of the box. That being said, the starter kit still only includes 2 vehicles.
  • Little amendment has been made to the app and whilst it didn’t really need it, it would have been nice to see the app on more platforms this time round.
  • Only really a necessary update for those who have played the original Anki DRIVE to the death and are looking for the experience again.
  • Anki OVERDRIVE is considerably more expensive than Anki DRIVE, for the starter kit and expansion pieces. With that in mind, it may be worth picking up Anki DRIVE if you’re not ready to dive straight into OVERDRIVE.

In conclusion, Anki OVERDRIVE only builds on the fantastic fun that was Anki DRIVE. That being said, it’s still reliant on a number of expansion pieces and still faces many of the pitfalls of the original. For fans of Anki DRIVE, this does offer a fantastic way to experience the fun all over again.

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