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Best Princess Castle Tents

Best Princess Castle Tents

One of the best memories we all have as children are building forts out of blankets, pillows, or our couch cushions. This always provided a sense of adventure, but also safety when we were all children. In these forts, castles, or tents we were all the kings and queens of our own imaginary kingdoms.

Today, these princess castles come in a variety of sizes, and it’s important to pick the right size castle tent for your child. Some of them can accommodate more children than others, so if your child often has friends over, you should probably consider purchasing one of the larger sizes. However, if space is an option, you can purchase a smaller tent that easily folds up.

Setup for these castles is a breeze meaning your child cant set them up themselves! This will give them that same sense of satisfaction that comes with building your own fort out of blankets, sheets, etc. Only one of them requires poles, but that doesn’t require tools and would be manageable for an older child.

Luckily for little girls today, they no longer have to be confined to taking apart the couch to build a fort. In fact, they can now own their own princess castle tent! Below, we will discuss the top three princess castles you can buy for your little girl in 2021.

3. Kid Outdoor Indoor Princess Play Tent

The Kid Outdoor Indoor Princess Play Tent comes in at number 3 on our list. This is a great-sized tent for little girls in homes that are limited on space. What this tent lacks in size it doesn’t lose in quality. The castle features a quick pop-up design for easy assembly by any age! The tent also conveniently stores away, so clean up is quick and easy.

We also love that this princess castle can be taken outside! Since the castle features mesh windows, you don’t have to worry about bugs bothering your princess as she is in her pretend kingdom. Don’t just stop at the backyard however, you can take this tent anywhere!  It’s great for parks, parties, daycare, or anywhere you can think of! We love how easy this castle is to transport and that is why it is number 3 on our list.

2. 210T Pongee Princess Castle

The 210T Pongee Princess Castle is perfect for little girls looking to expand their kingdom!

This castle is roomie enough to fit several children at the same while not feeling overcrowded. We love how this castle gives your little girl a large space to be independent in and expand her imagination with her friends! What we find great about this castle is how easy it is to monitor your child while also giving them a sense of privacy. This is due to the mesh curtains on the side of the castle, you never have to worry about your child being out of sight!

This princess castle is made with a high-quality gauze that doubles as an anti-mosquito net as well as PVC for support.

A plus to this castle is the ability to fold it up easily which is fantastic for anyone looking to save space. Also, with the ability to fold up, this princess castle can be taken anywhere! Set this castle up outside, at the park, bring it to a party, or whatever your heart desires! However, we don’t recommend leaving this castle outside overnight in case of poor weather.

1. Large Outdoor Kids Play Tent

At our number one spot on our list is the Large Outdoor Kids Play Tent For Girls. This castle comes with sturdy poles for fast and easy installation or disassembly. The best part is this castle requires absolutely no tools to assemble or disassemble which makes it a breeze for anyone to pop up or take apart. You never have to worry about your little girl’s castle falling down on her, this is a quality built product. All of the materials used in this castle are also safe, non-toxic, non-PVC, and easy to clean as well! The fabric of this tent is polyester pongee material making it durable and long-lasting! There is no worry about any strange chemicals hanging around your child!

We also love that this castle is open and easy to keep an eye on your child. Many princess castles for little girls are very closed in, so it’s hard to monitor what your child is doing. However, this castle allows parents and guardians the ability to keep an eye on their children due to the open curtains on the sides of the castle.

Closing Thoughts

It’s hard for us to tell you exactly which castle is perfect for you, but each one we have listed has its own benefits! They can also easily be picked up and set up in any location you want, and require no tools. This gives your child the ability to be a princess anywhere she wants!

We also appreciate the fact that these castles can accommodate more than one child, which is fantastic for wanting to keep an eye on your children in one place but also giving them the sense of freedom and privacy to explore their imagination.

Each of these tents is built with high-quality materials and are designed to last. Also, all of these tents are well ventilated, so you never have to worry about any safety concerns that may come up with some of the other not so ventilated tents on the market. They are great for outdoor use, however, we don’t recommend using them in the rain or leaving them outside. They have a certain degree of waterproofing on them, but this more for accidental spills, etc.  One isn’t necessarily better than the other unless you are looking for a specific size.

These little girl tents would make a great feature in any playroom, daycare, or your next birthday party! Kids love to dress up, and imagine them having their own little kingdom to rule!

No matter which castle you pick, we are sure your child will have an absolute blast ruling their own little kingdom!

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