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Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Nuke Review

If bright colours are your thing, then the Nuke is sure to be the most attractive of the Anki OVERDRIVE Nuke expansion cars. This bright green neon car is probably the best all-rounder of the OVERDRIVE range, from my experience with the car. It provides both decent speed and defence, and is the best car…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Thermo Review

Of all the Anki OVERDRIVE expansion cars that I’ve had chance to play with, Thermo is certainly the fieriest and that can only be a good thing. This little red beast is one of the best looking additions to the OVERDRIVE series and my personal favourite. It adds a whole new level of gameplay to…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Car: Guardian Review

Having owned the Anki starter kit for a little while now, I decided to pick up an expansion car to expand my little collection of Anki Drive pieces. I’m certainly glad I did. The Anki Guardian Expansion car adds even higher octane gameplay to a fantastic game. What’s more, an additional car means we can…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Car:Big Bang Review

Each of the expansion units in the Anki OVERDRIVE series focus on a special unique theme and Big Bang’s is probably the most practical. As you can see from just looking at it, this is a car that focuses on defence and one that I had a lot of fun playing with. This nifty car…

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