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How to Measure Toddler/Kids’ Feet Length, Feet Width, Inner Length and Precautions

How To Measure Toddler And Kids Feet Length 1

Buying shoes for a toddler is a headache. Shoes are too big to fall off and shoes can’t be worn when they are too small, so it is important to measure the length of toddler’s feet. This article details how to measure feet length, feet width, inner length and precautions for your toddler.

Please prepare a blank paper and a pen first.

  1. Foot length measurement
  2. Foot width measurement
  3. Precautions
  4. Internal length measurement

Foot length measurement

Toddler Foot Length Measure 1
Toddler Foot Length Measure 1

1. Prepare a pencil to put your toddler’s foot on the white paper and make sure that the foot is flat.

Toddler Foot Length Measure 2
Toddler Foot Length Measure 2

2. Draw a point at the longest point of the toe and the heel to measure the distance between the bright points. This is the foot length.

Foot width measurement

Toddler Foot Width Measure
Toddler Foot Width Measure

Draw points on the widest part of the left and right sides, and then measure the distance in a straight line. This is the foot width.


  1. Measuring foot position: When measuring feet, do not let your toddler lift his feet to measure, this will affect the measurement results. Because the foot force will change if it is different, it may be too large or too small, so it is best to let the toddler put his feet on the paper, keep his body upright so that the toddler’s feet force will be uniform.
  2. Measurement description: Human feet are basically symmetrical, please refer to the data of the larger foot.
  3. Measurement time: It is recommended to measure the foot length in the afternoon because the feet will swell slightly in the afternoon, so the foot length measured at this time is most comfortable for buying shoes.
  4. Sports shoe measurement: If you need to buy sports shoes, it is recommended to wear socks suitable for the corresponding sports, and then measure the foot length.
  5. Instep and foot width: If your toddler has a high instep or a wide foot, you can choose a larger size when buying shoes for your toddler. Otherwise, you need to buy smaller shoes.

How to measure your toddler’s foot length? simple and quick method: Buy a foot measure ruler

Internal length measurement

Toddler Internal Length Measure
Toddler Internal Length Measure

Find a pair of shoes that fit your toddler’s feet best. Take out the distance between the insole from point A to point B, which is the inner length.


  1. The inner length of the shoes is usually 1cm longer than the feet. If the feet are 15cm long, it is recommended to choose a size of 16cm inside the shoes.
  2. In the season of bare feet or wearing thin socks, the net foot length +0.5 to 1.0 cm = the length of the shoes. In the season of thick socks, the net foot length + 1.0 to 1.5 cm = the length of the shoes.