Toddler Foam Block Playset


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Soft Colorful Stacking Play Module Blocks Big Foam Shapes for Babies and Kids Building, Easy Clean Safe Indoor Active Play Structure.



  1. Total Peace of Mind – When it comes to baby and toddler products, we always put safety first. All components of this toddler foam block are made of materials that have passed strict standard certification and are completely non-toxic and harmless, so parents can rest assured to buy.
  2. Soft and Safe – This soft colorful stacking nugget for kids is composed of high-quality EPE foam lining and a soft skin-friendly surface, which is very suitable for an indoor soft foam ball pit.
  3. Full Play – As an important part of the perfect indoor kids’ playground, you can put these foam nuggets plus into the soft playpen with any other soft toys which are your child’s favorite, such as kids’ crawling foam block playset, or ocean balls. So that they can have fun playing inside and fully activating their immature bodies, and allowing children to freely release their vigorous nature.
  4. Suitable Size – Each individual soft cubes measure 5.5 inches on a side, making them ideal for toddlers to hold, play and stack with both hands.
  5. Hassle-free Maintenance – The surface of the high-quality material can be easily scrubbed and maintained by wiping with a damp cloth, ensuring the cleanliness of children’s play settings at any time. There are 3 different foam block playsets that can be purchased as combinations in our store to choose from.

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