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Indoor 7 in 1 children’s solid wood beech wood climbing frame baby slide18 months to 10 years old indoor ring swing small amusement park.

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This is an indoor 7-in-1 children’s beech solid wood indoor climbing frame toy. Climbing frame is the most basic toy for babies. It is suitable for 18 months to 10 years old. Used for exercise. The movement of muscle groups, from birth to preschool education, the baby has always been very keen on gymnastics. So prepare this little playground for the kids.

Rock climbing, slides, swings, rings. The switchboard and other kinds of play are not restricted, which almost meets all the needs of children’s indoor sports props and equipment. When it is not suitable to go out, children can also enjoy sports fun at home.

Unlock new motor skills and new ways of playing as your child grows Shan Ju wood material imported environmental protection level, climbing frame solid dosage, do manual work carefully, the surface is environmental protection coating, better protection on the life of the wood, the whole body repeatedly polished, no burr smooth this product tailored for children is like a sweet little wooden gym, equivalent to the baby’s small playground, let the baby have an own happy camp.


  1. Slide. Double-sided climbing slide, slide at the same time, most of the baby’s sense of speed is from the slide Pack border guard, rest assured to play. The card slot is round, simple, and convenient
  2. Climbing surfaces. The joys of climbing are varied
  3. Swing, amusement park swing, can also have at home
  4. Stretch the rings to make them taller
  5. Using thick crossbar, real material is more stable
  6. Customized professional climbing rope, soft and flexible

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