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Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Charging Platform Review

Of all the Anki OVERDRIVE accessories, some enhance the experience, whilst others add useful functionality, as I’ve come to find out. This charging platform falls into the latter, allowing users to charge their vehicles when not in use. Features: Allows users to charge up to 4 vehicles at once, which is the maximum number of…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Elevation Kit Review

Having exhausted many of the possible track combinations with my Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit, I found the various Anki OVERDRIVE accessories to be a fantastic way of expanding the Anki experience. Features: Includes a number of stilts to elevate a segment of the track. Creating the possibility to make an overpass on the track. Provides…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Rails Kit Review

One of the best parts about Anki OVERDRIVE is how it can be enjoyed by both adults and children. However, the latter may find it a little difficult and that’s where Anki OVERDRIVE accessories come in handy, especially this rails kit. Features: Fits onto the side of Anki OVERDRIVE track pieces to create a rail…

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