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Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Collision Kit Review

The Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track set is full of different twists and turns to shake up your Anki OVERDRIVE track, however, the most interesting of those is without a doubt the collision kit. This cross section piece adds a whole new flavour to the Anki OVERDRIVE and provides a whole host of new possibilities for…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories: Bank Turn Kit Review

For more experienced players, like I have become, the standard Anki OVERDRIVE track can become a little too eas y. That’s where the Anki OVERDRIVE accessories come in and this bank turn kit does just that job. Features: Includes 4 ramps to ramp up a corner piece of track and make a tricky turn in…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit Review 2016

Having picked up the original Anki DRIVE kit when it launched, I decided to give the new OVERDRIVE version a go and pick up this starter kit. After spending a considerable amount of time with the kit, it really expands on the fun gameplay of the original kit. My review is a summary of the…

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Anki Drive Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Review 2016

I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a big kid, I absolutely love any racing toys. With that in mind, I picked up this Anki Starter Kit, it looked like a fantastic piece of kit for my son and I to enjoy during our spare time. It certainly didn’t disappoint! This is a fantastically…

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