Ways To Keep Your Dishes Warm While Serving Food

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For someone who is planning to host a house party for a large group of people, cooking and serving food is usually the biggest cause of concern. It is important to entertain the guests with delicious warm food right out of the oven. Hence, here are a few ways, mentioned below, to keep the dishes warm while serving food.

1. Aluminum foil

A great idea would be to cover the food in aluminum foil. It can act as a thermal insulator to keep your food warm. You can even put it in a mild oven if there is still a lot of time left before serving.

2. Warm up the plates

Almost everyone owns a microwave at their house. You can warm the plates, instead of food, by putting them in the microwave for around one to two minutes. You can even use a normal oven for this purpose by stacking the plates in it for about fifteen minutes at the lowest oven temperature. Hence, when you put food on it, it will stay warm for a longer period of time. Restaurant chefs also do the same with restaurant crockery to keep the food warm.

3. Undercook, then cook

The idea is to undercook your meat beforehand and keep it like this until the guests arrive. Then, later on, you can properly cook it to serve your guests. This technique will save you a lot of time as the real cooking had already been done before.

Therefore follow these tips to keep your food warm and your guests happy.

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