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Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Collision Kit Review

The Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track set is full of different twists and turns to shake up your Anki OVERDRIVE track, however, the most interesting of those is without a doubt the collision kit. This cross section piece adds a whole new flavour to the Anki OVERDRIVE and provides a whole host of new possibilities for…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Launch Kit Review

Having exhausted the standard track designs that came included with the Anki OVERDRIVE kit, this Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track looked like a fantastic way to expand the gameplay and replay ability of the Anki OVERDRIVE. It definitely does that job. Features: Ramp based track piece, offering the ability to jump across the battle field or…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Speed Kit Review

Whilst the normal Anki OVERDRIVE expansion track pieces are incredibly fun to race with, they can start to feel a little slow, especially after using the kit for a while. Thankfully, this “speed kit” offers a fresh new speed to your OVERDRIVE track. Features: Provides a fantastic speed boost for overtaking enemies within the game’s…

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Anki OVERDRIVE Track: Corner Kit Review

Having loved the Anki OVERDRIVE standard tracks, these Anki OVERDRIVE expansion pack pieces offered a fantastic way of creating a unique and custom racing experience. Features: Works with all vehicles and other pieces from the Anki OVERDRIVE selection. Adds rounded corners to tracks, making racing a more exciting and interesting experience when using Anki OVERDRIVE….

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