Wooden Balance Bike Star Model With Bag/Bell Pink

Introduction:Here is our Wooden Balance Bike Star Model. Daily use can effectively exercise the baby’s lower limb strength and body balance, and can also enhance the leg strength and brain response ability. Foam tires are specially designed for novices, no need to inflate and maintain the integrated wheels and bearings. The whole car is light and easy to master, which meets the basic functions of a balance car. The comfortable and soft seat can make the baby more comfortable and not easy to wear PP when riding, easy to ride and add power. And the installation is simple, the whole car has no burrs, and the baby can play more at ease.

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1. The styling and color matching of the whole vehicle adopt smart elements to make it more dynamic
2. There is no obvious sharp point on the body, multiple protection for babies
3. Good wheel alignment, strong shock absorption and wear resistance
4. Easy to install
5. Environmental protection paint treatment

1. Material: E1 Level Density Board Foam Wheel
2. Technology: Environment-Friendly Paint
3. Dimensions: (32.68 x 14.47 x 21.65)” / (83 x 36 x 55)cm
4. Weight: 4.54lbs / 2.06kg

Package Includes:
1 x Balanced Car
1 x Screw Fittings Package
1 x English Instructionc


Additional information

Weight 5.72 lbs
Dimensions 22.05 × 6.3 × 12.6 in



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